Meet the #NABFEMESummit Influencers: Kristine McPherson of FAMUS Talks

The International Women’s Leadership Summit has a new addition this year: a group of social media influencers sharing their #NABFEMESummit experiences while in Philadelphia. In a series called, Meet the #NABFEMESummit Influencers, you’ll get an up close and personal look at the ladies leading the way on the digital space. They’ll share some of their blogging tips and their most anticipated event during the #NABFEMESummit.

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Meet Kristine McPherson of Philadelphia

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Tell us about your blog? What do you primarily blog about?

FAMUS Talks came from the F.A.M.U.S. Marketing company and shares the stories of brands and entrepreneurs and how they have built their businesses. It also shares some marketing tactics to help individuals who are looking to build their marketing and brand strategies.

What has been the most memorable blogging experience of your career so far?

The most memorable moment has probably been attending the Fun, Fearless Life event in NYC hosted by Cosmopolitan magazine. While the blog my story was posted on is no longer in existence, that event transformed me. It has shown me that there are so many avenues we can all travel but the journey is our own. We do not have to follow a timeline to compete with the masses. There are many rights and many wrongs but how we react to them and move forward is what determines our place in this world! I left that conference and made a conscious decision to work toward living the life I enjoyed.

What do you think is the key to being a successful influencer?

Authenticity and Originality.In the age of social media, people can see the success stories but not as often do they see the work that goes into it. Because of this, there is a lot of "flattery" and many new influencers pop up, however, without the blueprint, there is no foundation and the structure won't last very long.

When you are not live tweeting or posting to Instagram or Facebook, what apps do you use to schedule your posts?

Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Unum

If there is one thing you learned from being a blogger/influencer, it is...

Remain true to the reason you started. When I started my first blog years ago, I noticed that my content had started to change because I started doing what was popular and that strayed from my original reason for entering the space.

Speaking of influencers, who has been the most influential person in your life?

My mother, might be cliche, but I recently heard stories of her for the first time. Moving to this country, having to start her education over, taking a final college exam with a newborn (me) on her chest, going after her Masters with me sitting in a room across the hall on days when she had no one to watch me, working a night and weekend job when her and my father went their separate ways in order to provide a life for me because she came to America to start a better life for herself.

What shows are you watching on TV/Netflix/Hulu now?

Restarting Ozark, American Horror Story, She's Gotta Have It, ONITB

Who is your favorite musical artist/group?

I listen to a lot of everything

Coffee or Tea?


Apple or Android?


Which NABFEME Summit event are you most excited to experience and why?

Digital Culture: Technology & The Business of Social Media. I currently run digital marketing for a national brand and it is so interesting to hear about and learn how technological advancements and social media have influenced our culture today.

Favorite place to eat in Philly?

Max's for cheesesteaks.

Favorite place to shop in Philly?

KOP for shopping

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