Meet the #NABFEMESummit Influencers: Janaya "Nate" Middleton of Sincerely Nate

The International Women’s Leadership Summit has a new addition this year: a group of social media influencers sharing their #NABFEMESummit experiences while in Philadelphia. In a series called, Meet the #NABFEMESummit Influencers, you’ll get an up close and personal look at the ladies leading the way on the digital space. They’ll share some of their blogging tips and their most anticipated event during the #NABFEMESummit.

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Meet Nate Middleton of Largo, MD

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Tell us about your blog? What do you primarily blog about?

I write a lifestyle blog which focuses on my faith in God, and my love for all things beauty and music related.

What has been the most memorable blogging experience of your career so far?

Attending the NABFEME Leadership Summit this year will be my most memorable blogging experience to date!

What do you think is the key to being a successful influencer?

I think the key to being a successful influencer is the courage to be honest with your readers about your life experiences and being wiling to share the lessons you've learned as a result of those experiences.

When you are not live tweeting or posting to Instagram or Facebook, what apps do you use to schedule your posts?

I usually use Planoly to schedule my posts. It allows me to get a preview of how my Instagram feed will look!

If there is one thing you learned from being a blogger/influencer, it is...

One thing I've learned from being a blogger/influencer is that you have to know the difference between fact and opinion. More important than that I have learned that your opinion of yourself, the way you talk to and treat yourself, has to be healthy before you can allow others to chime in on who you are via any social media platform.

Speaking of influencers, who has been the most influential person in your life?

The most influential people in my life would be my parents of course! Without them there would be no me! My parents have influenced my life in such a positive way by living what they preach to the best of their abilities. Kindness, faith, compassion, forgiveness, and determination are just a few of the virtues I've watched them exhibit throughout my life. I'm not sure I will ever be able to thank them enough!

What shows are you watching on TV/Netflix/Hulu now?

If I actually watch TV I'm usually watching an Asian TV dramas on Netflix! I watched one randomly and was hooked ever since. If you're looking for one to try, Meteor Garden is a new one that just came out and it's great!

Who is your favorite musical artist/group?

I'd have to say that right now my favorite musical artist is Steffany Gretzinger.

Coffee or Tea?


Apple or Android?


Which NABFEME Summit event are you most excited to experience and why?

I'm most excited to attend the Gospel Music According to Us seminar. I'm eager to hear about the ways in which the diverse panel of professionals are contributing to the gospel music industry!

Have you ever been to Philly?


Tell us your favorite memory of Philadelphia.

My favorite memory of being in Philly was attending the Tye Tribbett concert with my friends.

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