The MisEducation of Women in Entertainment


The MisEducation of Women in Entertainment will bring to you strong, cutting-edge career innovators who have helped redefine the positioning of women in the workplace, the community, and of course… women in music and entertainment.  The learning will be powerful, you’ll meet women who have achieved significant career milestones and are our true modern day trailblazers!  Soak up the knowledge… you have an opportunity to learn from their experiences as they are all no-nonsense Bad Asses!!

“ We’re enjoying a new definition of today’s woman… she’s an entrepreneur, a creator, a networker, she’s concerned, she’s socially conscious… she’s ambitious with a drive that affects consumer purchases as well as corporate behavior.”
— Johnnie Walker, NABFEME Founder & CEO

It is our desire to put you in a place that is attractive, comfortable, intimate and honest so that the whole weekend will be like hanging out with your best friends.  I hope you will find your time with us in Philadelphia to be educational, empowering, inspiring… and perhaps FUN! I look forward to meeting and networking with you.

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