With active Networks and hubs in 20 markets across the USA, Canada and Africa… NABFEME® is the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment, Inc … a vibrant, culturally diverse community of female executives who specialize in various fields and disciplines of music and entertainment. An advocate for women in the business of music and entertainment... the mission of NABFEME seeks to advance the female agenda of education, equality, empowerment and connectivity. We accomplish this mission through creative programming and corporate alliances that assist our members in achieving their personal and professional goals.


NABFEME operates through an organized structure of appointed Network Leaders.  These Leaders, also known as Operations Managers, are geographically located in medium to major metropolitan cities; they are sought after per their background, career and professional expertise.  Utilizing the passion, energy and skill-sets these managers bring to the organization, NABFEME is empowered with the human resources needed to successfully execute our mission.